Here Montana
Our Vision

We Envision Increased Representation Among Leadership & Participation In Outdoor Activities

We envision increased representation for People of Color and intersecting communities among leadership and participation in outdoor communities as well as improved access to opportunities for connection, fun, and healing that nature can provide.

Our Mission

We Want Improve Access & Increase Participation To Outdoor Activities

It is our mission to engage, empower, and elevate communities of color to spend time outside in a safe and informed way, thereby building an outdoor community of People of Color and developing leaders within that community.

Here Montana
What We Provide

The Values That Drive Everything We Do

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Our priority is to ensure a safe space where People of Color
can experience joy through the outdoors increasing mental,
physical, spiritual health and wellness for each individual.

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A space embracing intersectionality for People of Color to come together and enjoy the outdoors together!

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Learn about all the how to's when it comes to being outside! Outdoor leadership, and skills to be informed and safe when recreating.

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We encourage everyone to participate in conversations and work that relates to nurturing and advocating for the betterment of and protection of our natural environment as the climate changes.

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